Unsere Industriefilteranlagen mit hocheffizienten Elektromotoren sind nach der Richtlinie für Investitionszuschüsse zum Einsatz hocheffizienter Querschnittstechnologien vom 29. April 2016 (Fundstelle: BAnz AT 10.05.2016) bis zu 30% förderfähig!

Wir beraten Sie gerne.


For more than 30 years, ifs Industriefilter Service GmbH has been designing and building electrostatic and mechanical air filter systems for separating oil mist, emulsion mist, smoke, dust and particles which are generated during processing and machining metals and plastics (e.g. in machine tools). We are a system supplier for planning, assembling, installation, maintenance and cleaning of your filter systems. Our industrial filters are based on an innovative modular principle in order to provide you with the optimum air filter system for your requirements.